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I'm Colby Cooper. I'm an experienced Retail Loss Prevention / Asset Protection Professional with experience in stores and distribution centers, including roles in supervision and management roles. I have been able to learn a great deal about in-store inventory, criminal investigations, and financial analysis.

While working at Walmart as an Asset Protection Assistant Store Manager, I was able to learn about day-to-day operations and begin to learn about financial reports including P&L and inventory reports. I learned how to identify problems based on these reports and create actions plans to correct them. Doing this showed a real increase in profitability from month-to-month. Another part of my role, which I began to learn as an Asset Protection Associate at Walmart, was to identify potential criminal activity or policy violations by reviewing exception-based reports. As a manager, I developed and proved the investigation by obtaining tangible evidence. Afterwards, I used the Non-Confrontational Interrogation Method by Wicklander-Zulawski to interview the associate and extract a confession. With the assistance of my reports, I was able to close several investigations totaling over $10,000.

At Target I was responsible for safety, security and controlling loss of profit. I did this by reviewing exception-based reports, primarily from the front end. After identifying the root cause of the problem, I taught and trained the employees showing how each problem causes loss as well as how to correctly preform the procedures. These training sessions showed their effectiveness by a reduction of exceptions on the exception-based reports.

My career goal is to work in a law enforcement role. I am fascinated by the legal system and want to work in a role that can help people and that has a direct impact on my community.

I am able to adapt quickly to different situations and use my past experience to make business the right decisions. I excel in both solo and teamwork roles and strongly believe that employees are more productive when their achievements are recognized and rewarded.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me, please enjoy these three pictures of my cats!


Asset Protection Assistant Store Manager

Controlled the unexplained loss of merchandise to increase profitability by controlling processes and ensuring adherence to policy. Investigated, resolved and interviewed employees engaged inpolicy violations or criminal activity. Managed claims, receiving, safety and security departments.

Asset Protection Associate

Investigated, and resolved criminal behavior causing damage to profit. Surveilled and apprehended customers and employees involved in criminal activity. Recovered approximately $50,000 in external and internal investigations.

Target Protection Specialist

Investigated and resolved inefficient processes causing profit loss. Analyzed exception-based reports to identify and resolve categories causing shrink. Trained and coached employees on asset protection, shrink, safety and security topics. Responded to all safety and security incidents.

Security Officer
U.S. Security Associates

Patrolled, investigated, monitored corporate campus to identify and resolve safety and security exposure. Provided physical services including access control, CCTV monitoring, security exceptions, security incident reporting and personnel escorts. Documented and retained reports.

Police Intern
City of Milton, Georgia

Observed, shadowed, and learned from law enforcement officers in the field by participating in ride alongs, investigations and court proceedings. Assisted in municipal court by filling out and filling paperwork, and informing court attendees of their rights. Assisted Officers with community presentations and other duties as assigned..

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B.S. Information Technology

Middle Georgia State University
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Criminal Non-Confrontational Interview & Interrogation

Wicklander - Zulawski & Associates
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